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The ensuing terms and conditions (termed as “Terms of Service” or “Agreement”) lay down a mutual agreement between you (either as a casual browser or a registered member, referred to as “User”, “you”, or “your”) and News Updates Today (Summit Solutions), including its affiliated entities, successors, and assigns (referred to as “News Updates Today ”, “us”, “our”, or “we”). This agreement concerns your engagement with the News Updates Today website, mobile application, and/or associated services (all detailed below). News Updates Today holds ownership and operational rights for the www.gilmanson.com website and our dedicated blogs at money.gilmanson.com, wellness.gilmanson.com, women.gilmanson.com (jointly termed as the “Site”), the News Updates Today Mobile Application (termed as the “App”), News Updates Today 's daily newsletters, email alerts, and any other applications provided by our end (collectively referred to as the “Services”). All features and content included in the aforementioned are under News Updates Today ’s purview.



Modifications to the Terms of Service

News Updates Today reserves the exclusive right to modify the Site, the App, the Services, or this Agreement (inclusive of any policies or agreements referenced herein) at its discretion and without any prior notification. Such modifications will take effect immediately upon being posted on the Site. By using the Site, the App, or Services post these modifications (as evident by the “Last Revised” date at the top), you consent to accept and be bound by this modified Agreement. Occasionally, News Updates Today might also notify you about impending changes or modifications to this Agreement via email. It's advised to keep your Account details, especially your email address, updated to receive such communications.


Access to and usage of the Site, the App, and the Services is limited to individuals capable of entering into legally binding contracts as per applicable law. By accessing and using any of the above, you confirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years old.

Should you be accessing this Site or App from a country other than where our servers are based, your interactions might lead to cross-border data transfers, including your registration or personal details. By accessing and electronically communicating with us, you consent to such international data transfers.

Your Use of the Site, the App, and the Services

A harmonious community thrives when its members respect and adhere to basic guidelines. By using the Site, the App, or the Services, you agree to these community guidelines and confirm that:

Your interactions and content submissions are in line with this Agreement and all local, state, national, and international regulations.

You will not misrepresent your identity or affiliations; nor will you collect or harvest user information without explicit consent.

Any form of hate speech, violence, or crime is prohibited on the Site, App, and Services.

Unsolicited emails, hacking, or sending malicious files that could damage or compromise the security of our platforms are strictly forbidden.

Unauthorized copying, distribution, or access to content via means other than provided by News Updates Today is not allowed.

Any commercial use of the Site, App, or Services requires prior written permission from News Updates Today .

Actions that excessively strain our infrastructure are discouraged.

All users are expected to uphold these principles for a beneficial experience for all involved.

Name; Password, Unique Identifiers

Upon registering for the App or specific services, such as the News Updates Today newsletter, you'll be prompted to establish an account. This process involves creating a Sign-In Name, Password, and potentially additional Unique Identifiers to simplify your subsequent log-ins (“Account”). It's imperative that the information you provide during this setup is authentic, up-to-date, and comprehensive. Each Sign-In Name paired with its respective Password should be designated for one user only.

You hold the responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of the information you supply. Any activity or misunderstanding on the Site, App, or Services stemming from this data is your responsibility. Should there be a necessity to deactivate your Password or Sign-In Name or modify any Unique Identifier, please notify us without delay. News Updates Today will not bear liability for any potential losses or damages due to unauthorized use of your registration details. If News Updates Today identifies any inconsistencies in the data you've provided, we hold the right to adjust, suspend, or terminate your account, Sign-In Name, Password, or this Agreement. Furthermore, access to the App or Services might be limited or denied for current or prospective use.

Beta Features

From time to time, News Updates Today may offer you the opportunity to test services, products, features, or functionalities in their developmental stages (“Beta Features”). The decision to engage in these trials rests entirely with you. A crucial aspect of this beta testing is to gain practical insights into the Beta Features before they are released to the broader public. By agreeing to partake in such a beta test, the subsequent terms will be applicable:

Beta Features are strictly for assessment and are not intended for everyday use. They aren't seen as a part of the Services under this Agreement. They come without support, are delivered “AS IS” without any form of warranty, and may come with their specific conditions.

Unless specified, the duration of the Beta Feature test will conclude either when the Beta Feature is made broadly accessible or when News Updates Today chooses to cease its testing.

News Updates Today has the autonomy to end any Beta Feature trials at any given moment, with the possibility of not making them universally accessible.

News Updates Today IS NOT LIABLE for any issues or damage in connection with a Beta Feature. Engaging with a Beta Feature is at your own discretion and risk.

Any feedback or input you provide regarding the Beta Features can be freely utilized, duplicated, disclosed, and leveraged by News Updates Today without any obligation to compensate or acknowledge you.

Intellectual Property

The material on this Site, the App, and the Services, including content within the Beta Features such as articles, software, graphics, and other defining features, collectively termed as "News Updates Today Content," is either owned by or licensed to News Updates Today and remains perpetually protected. This protection extends under copyright, trademark, patent laws, and other intellectual property rights within the U.S. and abroad. News Updates Today Content is offered to you "as is" and solely for personal, non-commercial utilization.

Any attempt to download, reproduce, broadcast, or exploit News Updates Today Content, in full or partially, without an explicit written agreement from News Updates Today is prohibited. No rights regarding copyright, trademark, or any other proprietary rights are conferred upon you by this Agreement. All rights not explicitly granted to News Updates Today Content, this Site, the App, and the Services remain with News Updates Today , and this Agreement doesn't transfer any ownership rights.

Upon any violation of this Agreement, your access to News Updates Today Content, the Site, the App, and Services is automatically revoked. You must also immediately discard any copies made of News Updates Today Content. Trademarks, service marks, and logos associated with News Updates Today ("News Updates Today Trademarks") present on the Site, App, Services, or Beta Features are either registered or unregistered trademarks of News Updates Today . Some trademarks might belong to other companies ("Third-Party Trademarks"). Together with News Updates Today Trademarks, they are referred to as "Trademarks".

No part of the Site, App, Services, or Beta Features implies any license or rights to the Trademarks without our specific, prior written consent. Unauthorized linking using the Trademarks is forbidden. Any goodwill stemming from the use of News Updates Today Trademarks exclusively benefits us.

It's essential to note that the design and presentation of the News Updates Today Content have been crafted specifically to offer a distinct appearance. We prioritize maintaining the integrity of our content, especially when viewed alongside unauthorized third-party materials. Components of the Site, App, Services, and Beta Features are shielded against unfair competition, imitation, and other infringements. Any unauthorized usage or replication of the News Updates Today Content is strictly prohibited.

Links to External Websites

The Site, App, and the Services might include links leading to third-party websites that are not governed or operated by News Updates Today . These links are introduced for your convenience and are not a testament to News Updates Today 's endorsement or approval of the content or the operational methodologies of these third-party websites. News Updates Today lacks authority over and is not accountable for the content, policies, or practices of these external sites. Moreover, News Updates Today does not modify or filter the content of third-party sites.

When engaging with this Site, App, or Services and deciding to visit any third-party website, you effectively exempt News Updates Today from any liabilities stemming from your interactions with these external sites. Hence, News Updates Today recommends you exercise caution when leaving our platform and encourages you to familiarize yourself with the terms, privacy policies, and other relevant documentation of any website you decide to explore.

These Affiliate Compensation Transparency guidelines ("Transparency Guidelines") are presented by  Summit Solutions ("News Updates Today ", "us", or "we") and extend to www.breakingnewsdaily.com, inclusive of both its mobile and online versions, and all our other digital platforms, such as News Updates Today Podcast, News Updates Today App, and other affiliated platforms (all referred to as “Platforms”).

As is common with several digital media entities, News Updates Today maintains financial ties with a diverse group of affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, and other third parties (collectively termed “Affiliates”) whose services, products, and advertisements are featured or described on our Platforms. These Transparency Guidelines are in place because we highly value openness and aim to be in line with the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides on the Usage of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, found under 16 C.F.R. Part 255.

It's routine for News Updates Today to obtain financial and other compensations from Affiliates for a range of promotional campaigns, advertisements, sponsorships (like sponsored articles within our editorial content), and other featured content on our Platforms. This means there frequently exists a paid connection between us and an Affiliate, especially concerning a service, product, or company discussed or recommended on our Platforms. If you opt to purchase a service or product discussed on our Platforms, we might receive added compensation from that Affiliate, known as an affiliate link. Moreover, for third-party ads displayed on our Platforms, we typically gain compensation from that third-party advertiser, irrespective of whether you make a purchase.

We always endeavor to transparently and prominently disclose any such Affiliate relationship within or near the relevant content. For instance, a disclosure might read: “This is an affiliate/sponsored post.”

Kindly note, we always aim to offer genuine and accurate information about any products, companies, or services discussed or endorsed by News Updates Today on our Platforms, irrespective of the Affiliate status. Furthermore, irrespective of such affiliations, we only endorse services, products, or companies that we personally utilize or feel would benefit our readers.

Additionally, News Updates Today has several corporate investors. When our content touches upon services or products linked to, or in competition with our investors, it is produced with complete editorial independence. No investor has insight into our content creation unless a specific agreement with that investor allows for such involvement. In cases where such a relationship is in place, it will be disclosed as mentioned earlier. We ensure to notify our audience of any such relationship when writing directly about the actions or business of an investor.

For any queries or feedback regarding these Transparency Guidelines, please reach out to us at help@breakingnewsdaily.com.


You agree to indemnify and protect News Updates Today , its affiliates, and their respective leaders, agents, and employees from any claims, losses, or damages arising from your breach of these Terms or your misuse of the Site, the App, News Updates Today Services, or any related content. News Updates Today retains the right to handle the defense against any such claims, and in such cases, you'll provide the necessary support.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

All News Updates Today platforms and content are offered "AS IS." We don't guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service. Any inaccuracies, interruptions, or delays in our news or information are not our responsibility. We disclaim all warranties. Do not consider our information as medical, legal, or other professional advice. Always consult a professional for these matters. Our responsibility for any direct damages from using our platforms is capped at the amount you've paid us in the preceding three months.

State-Specific Liability Limitations

Certain U.S. state laws might give you extra rights. If applicable, some of the above disclaimers might not apply to you.

Adherence to Laws

News Updates Today operates from the U.S., designed for U.S. users. If you're accessing from outside the U.S., ensure you comply with your local laws.

Binding Arbitration

Unless there's a serious intellectual property or confidentiality breach, disputes will be settled through arbitration as per the rules of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS). This process will occur in New York. Arbitration decisions are final.

No Class Actions

You agree that disputes will be handled individually. Class action suits or collective arbitrations are not permitted.

Miscellaneous Provisions

This Agreement doesn't grant any third-party benefits. It will be interpreted according to New York state laws, and specific sections will remain valid even if the Agreement ends.

Live Events Notice

Our webinars are purely educational. News Updates Today is a media entity and doesn't offer investment or business advice. Take decisions at your discretion and always consult professionals for serious matters.

Event Registrations

If you sign up for News Updates Today events, understand that your data may be shared with partner firms, subject to their privacy policies.

Contacting Us

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